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The Nizhnyaya Salda Metallurgical Plant


The main production processes are realized in 2 shops:

Rolling mill shop (capacity 440 000 tons)

Billet type: continuous cast billets
Rolling mill shop products:
Strips for separate fastening base plates — STP 114−1-2015
Strips for spike fastening base plates — STP 114−2-2015
Racks of the 24 mm module — TU 14−2R-411−2006

Rail fastener manufacturing shop (design capacity 200 000 tons)

Rail fastener shop products:
Elements of track structure — rail fasteners


Separate fastening base plates (for ferro-concrete sleepers) KB50, KB65, SK50, SK65 — base plates are designed for application in all climatic zones, for railroads with ferro-concrete sleepers.

Separate fastening base plates KD50, KD65 (for wooden sleepers) — base plates are designed for fastening of wooden sleepers and rails R50 and R65 of curved track sections.

Spike fastening base plates D50, D65 (for wooden sleepers) — spike fastening base plates are used for railway tracks requiring inclination of rails. They are used for fastening R50/R65 rails and treated wooden sleepers with a track spike.

Spike fastening base plates SD50, SD65 for turnout switches (for wooden sleepers) — SD base plates are used for fastening wooden sleepers and R50/R65 rails. They are used for mounting of turnout switches on wooden sleepers.

Spike fastening base plates DN6−65 — base plates are used for curved track sections and are designed for fastening of wooden sleepers and R65/R75 rails.

Stop blocks are used in fastening R65 rails to ferro-concrete sleepers in the base-plate free rail fastening, type ZhBR-65.

PK intermediate clips are used for fastening of rails by using separate rail fasteners on ferro-concrete and wooden sleepers.

Top plates R65 are used in butt joints of rails of broad gauge railway lines.

Integral fastening base plates ZhBRM (for ferro-concrete sleepers) — base plates for integral rail fastening, type ZhBR-65 PShM, for R65-type rails and concrete slab tracks.


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